Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should Enter Men’s Health Cover Search Now

by | Jul 4, 2024 | Promotions

Are you considering entering the Men’s Health Cover Search? Here are three compelling reasons to take the plunge now.

First off, why not seize the opportunity? You only live once! This isn’t about social media likes and followers — it’s about doing something meaningful for yourself.

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Who’s eligible to enter? It’s simple: everyone! We’re looking for someone who embodies the core qualities of our brand. A man who is confident, strong, lives a fitness-fuelled lifestyle and inspires others to follow in his footsteps—the type of guy you’d expect to see on our cover. 

The second reason: Have you ever dreamt of appearing on the cover of a prestigious magazine like Men’s Health? It’s more than just the photoshoots and excitement — it’s a unique confidence boost. Picture yourself as the cover guy.

And the third reason — have you checked out the perks? Our top eight finalists won’t just receive applause; they’ll also get fantastic gifts and prizes from our sponsors.

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Each of the top eight finalists will receive:

Additionally, the ultimate winner of the MH Cover Search will receive even more spectacular prizes, to be announced later.

Ready to enter? Here’s how:

  1. Entries close tomorrow (05 July 2024).
  2. Snap some great selfies or get a photographer. We need a clear headshot and two full-body photos showcasing your best self.
  3. Submit your entry.
  4. Then, take pride in grabbing this opportunity and putting yourself out there.

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