This Is The Reason You Should Sweat the Small Stuff In Gym – And How To Do It

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Fitness

Real gains are in the details. Big, compound moves get all the press, and for good reason: squats, deadlifts and bench presses are effective, important tools. But if you focus too much on those you run the risk of neglecting other key areas. Make these weak links your chain of strength, and you’ll become far more powerful in a practical way.

Forearm And Grip Strength

Your grip strength limits you in a number of ways: the weights you can move, the objects that you can wield, and yes, the jars you can open. Our recommendation: “Nothing builds grip and forearm strength like heavy one-arm rows and farmer’s walks,” says Lil Bianchi, world champion powerlifter and strength and conditioning coach.

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Shoulder Stability

Many men struggle with shoulder mobility because of tight, over-worked chest muscles and not enough emphasis on upper back work. The solution: spend some time in a dead hang off a pull-up bar. “It’ll open up your back and chest, lower back and shoulders: it’s the best thing you can do for your shoulder health,” says Richard-Dean Sumares, yoga instructor and movement coach.

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Hip Mobility

The ability to open and close your hips explosively has all kinds of uses in the real world. It can help you run faster, lift heavier (especially Olympic lifts) and generally be a better athlete. And yet hip mobility and ankle flexibility are two problem areas that plague a lot of guys. The two hip stretches you need to start incorporating into your workout: the Couch stretch and Hip Bridge (and the single-leg version).

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