This Guy Reckons This Workout Is The Greatest Ever. Do You Agree?

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Fitness

Looking for the best move to start off your workout and finish it off? Try the best move that activates every muscle. It’s not just a stretch. It’s the world’s greatest

Step 1 – Start in a lunge with your left leg forward and right behind, and with your hands on the floor inside your left leg. Keep your chest as upright as possible.


Step 2 – Rotate your torso and extend your right arm towards the ceiling while keeping your left hand (or elbow) on the floor.


Step 3 – Return your right arm and hand back to the floor, then rotate your torso and extend your left arm towards the ceiling while keeping your right hand on the floor.


Step 4 – Drop your right knee to the floor, and then press your body forwards (keeping your torso upright and left foot planted) to stretch your hip flexor and quads.


Step 5 – To increase the stretch, extend your arms overhead towards the ceiling.


Step 6 – Lean back, placing your hands on either side of your left leg. Straighten your left leg and flex your foot to stretch your calf and hamstring. Once you’ve held that position, swap legs and start again.


Best Workout Fuel

Make the right food choices, and you’ll get the right results.

1/For Long Races or Outdoor Adventures: Llama bars – Tired of sickly sweet gels and syrups? Try this locally made, addictive energy nougat, filled with nutritious goodness. Invented by talented chef Lexi Bird, it’s the perfect portion size for your pocket. Our favourite flavour? Chocolate Peanut Butter. R19

2/For the Gym: Quest Nutrition bars – Granted, they’re not cheap – but man, they taste good (there’s a huge flavour variety) and are filled with high-quality protein and no added sugar or gluten. Save up and get a few to keep on hand – they’re perfect if you’re in a rush and don’t have time for a proper meal. R29 Clicks

3/The Budget (and Homemade) Option: Chocolate milk – Yes, that’s right. Make your own by investing in some full-cream milk, and mix it with cacao powder for a healthy, inexpensive drink that has a great protein-to-carb ratio. If you really have to make it sweeter, just add a little honey – or some coconut or almond milk.

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