This Award-Winning Personal Trainer’s 5 Tips To Fitness

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Fitness

Christine Bullock – award-winning personal trainer, nutrition consultant, fitness model and TV host – is here to help you become fitter, stronger and a lot smarter about your training.

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Bullock has built her impressive CV on a type-A tendency to overachieve. The petite powerhouse started her fitness journey as a professional ballerina, but soon started studying fitness, nutrition and yoga. After collecting a number of certificates in everything from Pilates to HIIT, she was voted Hottest Trainer of 2013 by Racked LA and became the go-to wellness expert for E!, America’s Next Top Model and many others. She’s got plenty of training DVDs out, and is a trainer and judge on Asia’s first fitness-focused reality show, Fit for Fashion. Here’s some of her powerful training advice:

Don’t Aim For A Six Pack – Aim To Perform Better

“I do different workouts each day to challenge my overall athletic conditioning,” says Bullock. When she began fitness modelling, she needed to be photographed doing many different forms of exercise – including CrossFit, dance, Krav Maga, boxing, Pilates, weight training and yoga. Drawing on this training, Bullock created her 60-day fitness programme, EVOLUTION20, which is made up of 10 completely different workouts that challenge the body and only take 20 minutes a day.

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The Real Enemy Is Your Desk

“We’re constantly in flexion, whether sitting at desk or driving, so I include strength training for my back, glutes and hamstrings in every workout. This activates muscles that are ‘off’ all day as we sit on them and overstretch them all day. It also stretches the overly tight muscles of the chest and hip-flexors. Plus, chest opening and extension exercises help to prevent injury, correct posture and keep you balanced.”

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The Best Workouts Don’t Feel Like Training

“My favourite workout is stand-up paddle boarding. There’s nothing like being in the middle of the peaceful ocean and just tuning out the world. For me, it’s the only workout that burns up 4 000 kilojoules an hour and calms the mind and spirit at the same time.”

Think Like A Real Caveman

“I see too many men moving in one-directional planes, using heavy weights and only focusing on protein content. Think of the big picture: cavemen needed to be top athletes just to survive. They were mobile and agile in order to catch and kill their prey. They had extreme endurance and speed to outrun predators. Cavemen were strong, but gained this through the use of daily tasks, not just bicep curls with stones. Lastly, they lived off a plant-filled diet, eating primarily vegetables and fruits. Meat, whether white or red, was a delicacy. Overall strength is defined by power, speed, endurance, agility and stability, so train your body in a variety of athletic workouts.”

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Favourite Move?

“The plank. It works the entire body, it can be done anywhere and you can increase its difficulty by adding over 100 variations,” says Bullock.

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