The Eco-Friendly Man Bag

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Style & Grooming

Stuffed trouser pockets are unsightly. And as the modern man evolves, a man bag becomes indispensable for storing your tablet, gym gear, laptop and all other on-the-go items.

Whether you need to stash some essentials for when you’re roaming about the bustling city, sleeping over at her place or headed to gym – I-Scream & Red are made for utility and allow you to do it in style.

The recycled seat belt straps gives the bags a raw, edgy finish – and will ensure that your valuables are safely buckled up. C’mon, carrying a piece of your favourite machine with you, even when you’re not driving? Now that’s fly. But if you’re not the eccentric type, normal straps are an option, too.


Messenger Bag: Standard blue with seat belt.

And if you question the manliness of wearing a man bag, doubt not. Tough guys Kanye West and David Beckham are both regularly seen donning one. So get with the program, bruh.


The Overnight Tog Bag: Made from reused homestead upholstery, natural cottons and recycled car seat belts (if you’re feeling edgy, the seat belt buckles can be added).

Apart from being trendy, of superb quality and easy-on-the-wallet, I-Scream & Red bags are made by persons with disabilities from reused car and homestead upholstery and binded with natural and organic materials. So in an industry with a high environmental footprint, these bags are easy on the environment.

“I strive to inspire, sew and create a planet-friendly movement within the fashion industry, one stitch at a time,” says Zaid Philander, I-Scream & Red’s founder and designer.


The Stout Bag: Hessian/Jute webbing straps. Available in custom reused sample book fabric, navy bull denim and natural cotton canvas.

Prices range between R175 – R450. Payments can be made via PayPal. For more info visit I-Scream & Red

– Ashraf Booley

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