The 4 Fitness Tests You Need To Beat

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Fitness

Unlock superhuman potential by mastering movement fundamentals and four essential tests.

Test 1: Endurance

Can you complete 80 push-ups in 3 minutes?

This sounds a lot easier than it is. You essentially need to perform 27 push-ups per minute. Break them down into chunks or just try to do them all at once – we’ll leave it up to you.

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PERFECT FORM: Keep your hips up to make sure your body is straight from shoulders to toes.


Test 2: Power

Can you do 50 jump squats in 2 minutes?

You’ll start strong and finish all over the place with this one. Jump squats are renowned for having a cliff-like drop-off point: one minute they’re a breeze, the next, you’re horizontal.

PERFECT FORM: Drop your hamstrings almost to your calves, then take off at least 10cm from the floor.


Test 3: Cardio

Can you do 40 squat thrusts in 1 minute?

This one’s all about speed: engage your core and glutes to control the lateral movements  backwards and forwards. You’ll need a towel at hand. Don’t expect to look good in your video.

PERFECT FORM: Spring your legs back, tense, then kick them forwards without dropping at the hips.


Test 4: Strength

Can you perform 20 no-rest clap push-ups?

Ever tried clap push-ups? How about 20 in a row? It’s a true marker of explosive strength in your upper body. Perform 20 a few times a week to see dramatic improvements.

PERFECT FORM: As your chest nears the floor, launch upwards and clap under your chin.

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