The 3 Questions You Should Ask Before Every Big Purchase

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Life

Here are the coolest mind tricks that real guys use to make sure they don’t waste their hard-earned cash. All you have to do is ask yourself these questions:

Will Future You Still Want It?
Before you make a pricey purchase, wait one week for every R1000 the product costs. So if you start obsessing over the need for a R3000 pair of headphones, give yourself 3 weeks to see if the compulsion remains. Yes, it takes some willpower, but if a great discount appears in the meantime, you can choose to scrap the cooling-off period and justify the purchase with the savings.

Can You Afford Two?
Ready to splurge on an expensive item? Ask yourself if you could handle buying two. If the idea of taking double the amount out of your bank account—or putting it on your credit card—gives you heart palpitations, put on the brakes. Chances are, the actual amount is enough to cause you some financial stress, if not immediately, then sometime in the near future. (Like when your car needs R7000 in repairs.) And who needs more of that?

Is It Worth the Work?
Calculate your hourly rate by dividing your annual income by 2000. Keep this figure in mind. When you come across something you want, ask yourself if it’s worth that number of work hours. Knowing that it would take you 40 hours at your job to pay for a new watch helps put the purchase in perspective. And this is especially true if your bank account isn’t growing a little each month, since it’s the equivalent of not getting paid for one week out of the month.


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