Survive A Car Crash

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Life

The road is a dangerous place, especially here in South Africa. Here’s a tip: if your car stalls on the tracks and a train is coming, get the hell out of the vehicle. For other emergencies, pro drivers Giniel de Villiers, Hubie Kerns and Rick Seaman can help.

Your Engine 
Catches Fire
Pull over, turn off the ignition and get out. And whatever you do, don’t open the bonnet.
“You’ll just add oxygen
 to the fire,” says Seaman. 
“It’s rare, but the petrol tank
 could explode.” So call for help from a distance.

You Lose Control on a Dirt Road
Take your foot off the accelerator and try to regain control. “Steer into the slide and don’t hit the brakes hard, 
otherwise you will have an accident,” says De Villiers. Use the same technique on a wet road.

Your Car Flipped and You’re Inside
Unbuckle right away and you’ll fall on your head, says Kerns. So press your left elbow against the ceiling and brace yourself first. Then if the door is jammed, kick out the side window to set yourself free.

A Driver is Drifting into your lane
Fight the urge to swerve or slam the brakes. “You may end up causing a bigger wreck or spinning out,” says Kerns. Instead, brake in a controlled manner to minimise the force of potential impact.

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