A Shortcut To Success

by | Oct 12, 2012 | Life

It’s the shortcut to success – if you fake it the right way. Here’s how.

Fake On a New job

If you want to be seen as a superstar, start playing the role. The strategy: volunteer for a new leadership position, especially one you may be under qualified for, says Dr Gina Bellavia, a career coach at Breakthrough Coaching. “It’s like giving yourself that extra push and saying, I can do this,” she says. You’ll learn new skills and maybe excel in your new position. If you fail, you’ll be more ready next time.

Buy A Killer Suit

To be a big shot, dress like one – even if you’re a pipsqueak. “We’ve all seen TV shows where people get makeovers,” Bellavia says. “It works because people feel so differently about themselves when they change their wardrobe.”

Be a Phony at 10:35am

Schedule your fakes into your daily planner. “Enter a motivational quote, or even a reminder like ‘Be an extrovert today’ every day for three weeks,” Bellavia says. After three weeks it’ll sink in and help you make your new ways into new habits.

Amp Up Your Ambition

Set deadlines that are more ambitious than ones you think you can pull off, says Dr Richard Griffith, an executive coach and associate professor of industrial organisational psychology at Florida Institute of Technology. “Ambitious goals are a harmless form of deception and can have a real benefit in overall performance.” Crazy goals become self-fulfilling prophecies as you work smarter to achieve them.

The life altering power of faking it

When she wants you to fake it

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