Stop Looking Like A Ding Dong On The Dance Floor – Follow This Guide

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Life

So You Think You Can’t Dance? You can. Our expert shares the steps to getting out of your head and into your moves.

Johnny Depp once claimed that he’d rather swallow a bag of hair than dance. If you’re one of those guys who feels awkward on a dance floor, then you know Depp wasn’t being dramatic. Well, Twitch ain’t buying it. Also known as Stephen Boss, the freestyle hip-hop dancer is a fan favourite on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Ellen and movies like Magic Mike XXL. If you’re wondering, he got the nickname as a kid because of his “popping and ticking” dance moves. If Twitch is to be believed, everyone’s a dancer. “Remember the last time you were in your car and a song came on that you loved, and your body just naturally fell into a groove?” he asks. “You were dancing, man.” So how do you translate those private car-dancing moments to the dance floor? Stop thinking. “That’s the secret,” says Twitch. “It’s not about knowing all the right moves or looking cool. It’s about letting your body win out over your head.”

Your Visual Aid To Dirty Dancing

Feeling self-conscious about hitting the dance floor? These guys did it on the big screen. Learn from their triumphs and their trip-ups.

The Good – Napolean Dynamite

The film’s titular character performs a disco dance number at his school’s talent show. It’s dad dancing at it’s finest, and it works. What sells it? Confidence, flexibility and rhythm – in no particular order. Gosh!

  • The Lesson: Forget the crowd; focus on the music.

The Bad – The Kickboxer

Jean-Claude was twerking back in the 80s, and it wasn’t pretty. Watch as he stumbles through a stilted, off-rhythm routine thinking he’s hot shit. (We do admire his confidence.)

  • The Lesson: Sticking with the beat is rule number one. Rule number two: never break out the splits.

The Ugly – The Office

David Brent (Ricky Gervais) is 100% cringe most of the time, but the boss outdoes himself at the office party. It’s not just setting, or lack of tunes: it’s the utter lack of self-awareness.

  • The Lesson: There’s a time and place for dancing. Hint: that’s not your office.

Four Rules That Won’t Let You Down

  1. Ignore Everyone Else – “If people are staring, then you’re putting out that vibe,” says Twitch. “There’s no difference between ’Look at me’ and ’Don’t look at me.’ It’s the same body language, the same nervous energy.”
  2. Don’t Overthink This – “I practice in front of a mirror because every angle counts, right down to the fingertips. If you look in the mirror and say, ’Oh my god, that’s what I look like?’ you’ve sabotaged yourself into never dancing again.”
  3. Pretend It’s Basket Ball – “Men don’t look graceful playing pickup ball – they get out there and sweat and jump all over the place and have fun. Next time you’re dancing and you feel awkward, just pretend you’re going for a layup.”
  4. Embrace The Fist Pump – “Some dad moves work. I’ve got nothing but love for the dad fist pump. You hear the song, you feel the song, and you’re fist-pumping. As long as you’re keeping that beat, you feel it. Let it happen.”


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