Slim Down Your Wallet

by | Feb 19, 2013 | Life

Face it: it’s filled mostly with crap anyway. Junk the garbage, organise the important stuff and walk a little lighter

Lose the bulk

Trifold wallets encourage clutter. A slim wallet prevents overstuffing. Go 
for a classic leather wallet (billfold wallet R399, Pringle). Think of it as a lifetime investment for something you use daily. Too broke? Opt for a 
cardholder case with an attached money clip.

Pack only what you need

Stock your wallet with only the essentials: driver’s licence, credit and bank cards, and as much cash as you would care to lose. Limit credit or debit cards 
to two – one for everyday use and one for back-up. Those thick plastic cards can bloat your wallet – and your debt profile.

Arm your smartphone

Let your wallet handle the basic payment methods; your smartphone can handle everything else. Try these free apps: Key Ring (iPhone, Android) can manage your store loyalty cards and bar-coded gym ID. Shoeboxed’s apps can upload and store your receipts (iPhone, Android) and business cards (iPhone).

Bonus! Retrieve a lost wallet

Keep a baby picture in your wallet. It doesn’t matter whose. Eighty-eight percent of wallets that contained one were returned when lost, according to an informal study by 
Dr Richard Wiseman, of the University 
of Hertfordshire, England.

* Sources: Grant Harris, owner and chief style consultant at Image Granted, a Washington, D.C.–based stylist; Kate S. Brown, certified professional organiser and board member of the National Association of Professional Organizers

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