Six Small Steps Towards Better Health!

by | Jun 3, 2024 | Nutrition

Many of us are on a perpetual diet or fitness plan, trying to tone up or get rid of extra unwanted kilos. However, with the stress of day-to-day life and demands, it can be hard to maintain these healthy routines, leaving behind feelings of guilt and failure. As the colder weather creeps in, eating healthy foods and finding daylight hours to exercise can be harder than ever.

Tetley Green tea is encouraging South Africans who want to improve their health to embrace self-care by opting for small, sustainable changes over gruelling diets and excessive fitness plans.

“Some people naturally enjoy working out and eating healthy or find it easy to stick to diets or workout schedules” noted Tetley Marketing Manager, Candice Sessions. “But for many of us, these health kicks become a negative cycle of determination followed by failure followed by guilt, leaving us feeling even more disappointed with ourselves than we were to start with. The first step to creating new, healthier habits is to accept that big changes start with small steps. Tetley Green tea’s focus is on empowering South African people of all genders to care for themselves from the inside out, and that starts with small, healthy changes.”

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1. Get Walking

There’s no need to start running marathons, but exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Joining a neighbourhood walking group or creating a walking group with friends is also a great opportunity to socialise, making it good for body and soul!

2. Get Some Sleep

Aim to get at least seven hours of sleep a day to improve one’s mood, appearance, and health! There has been lots of research done on sleep, and insufficient sleep has been linked to several health problems, from Type 2 diabetes to cancer. 

3. Avoid Over-Eating

A simple trick to avoid eating too much in one sitting is to drink a glass of water or Tetley Green Tea before each meal. Other ways to decrease overeating include using a smaller plate to avoid taking too much food, and waiting at least 10 minutes after eating. This gives the stomach time to tell the brain that there is sufficient food.

4. Stay Hydrated

It’s important to get into the habit of staying hydrated, rather than just drinking water when it’s hot, as the body requires around 2 litres a day. This means keeping a bottle of water or a homemade Tetley Green iced tea or smoothie close at hand throughout the day. Visit for some great recipes!

5. Include a Cup of Tetley Green Tea 

Just a single cup of Tetley Green Tea can make a massive difference to one’s well-being, as it comes with an amazing number of health benefits. In fact, one cup has at least double the number of antioxidants than an apple. These are the damage-fighting elements that clean out the system!

6. Digital Detox

Too much time on devices and catching up on social media can be harmful for mental health. Ditch the phone or tablet and relax in a bubble bath, or read a good book.

South Africa’s number one Green tea, Tetley has a range of popular, fresh flavours and 2 variants with added Vitamins. Visit and @TetleyTeaSA for more health tips as well as healthy recipes and ideas.

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