Sexy Men’s Underwear?

by | Apr 17, 2014 | Style & Grooming

It used to be a choice between briefs, jocks and boxers, but men nowadays have a greater variety when it comes to selecting underwear. We found a few unconventional examples.

Leopard Mesh Body Suit

Leopard Mesh Body Suit

Men’s G String Thong


Lo Rise Bikini

We asked a few female experts for their opinions on these styles. Unsurprisingly, they don’t find the alternative undies appealing.

“Please, no g-strings,” says the fashion editor of Sarie, Amaria Carstens. “Personally I prefer men in trunks, I mean look how hot David Beckham looks in them, second on my list would be briefs.”

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“These styles are not sexy,” says Wanita Nicol, the senior sub editor at Women’s Health.  “They’re funny though. If my hubby revealed any of those I would have a great laugh, but sex would not be on the cards – ’cause I’d be laughing too hard. And as for if I was single and went home with a guy and he was wearing one of those… best disastrous date story ever! (And no, he would not come right.)”

She believes that men should keep it simple, “Underwear should keep his junk secure, make sure it’s not visible through his pants and look hot when he’s wearing nothing else. Personal preference is those tight-fitting shorts that guys wear. Like the ones you buy from Woolies”

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Regardless of what type of underwear men prefer, men don’t seem to care as much about them. Around a quarter of UK men don’t change their underwear daily according to a study, while 95% percent of women change theirs daily.

“Let’s be honest, men are famous for the sniff ‘n’ wear test, fishing things out of the washing basket and donning them again if they’re not classed as a Weapon of Mass Destruction,” according to Lee Kynastontold, the fashion editor of UK’s Men’s Health, who spoke to Huffington Post,

She may think differently though. Nicol says men should be changing their underwear everyday  “Twice a day if he trained at lunchtime. Why is this even under dispute?”

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If you don’t pay much attention to your underwear, don’t stress, women will probably be doing most of your underwear shopping. Researchers have shown that men buy their own underwear for only 17 years of their lives. The rest of the time their mothers and partners do the picking. The researchers also found that men are more likely to buy themselves underwear if they are trying to get hitched.

Although men don’t do a lot of their own underwear purchasing, economists are interested as to what happens to underwear sales.

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, developed a theory, which says that men’s underwear sales predicts trends in the stock market. According to the theory, men’s underwear is the last item most people are likely to buy in tough times, because almost no-one sees them. When the recession started in the US, underwear sales dropped by 12%.

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