Secret Mobility Saboteurs

by | Jan 14, 2015 | Health

1/ Favouring One Leg
“Most people always place their weight on the same leg when they stand, and their hips adapt to that rotated position,” says physical therapist Mike Reinold. So mix it up: “When you stand for extended periods, regularly alternate the leg you lean on,” he says. Same for crossing cross your legs. Don’t always have the same one on top.

2/ Driving Crooked
Odds are you don’t sit with your back straight and your hands at 10 and 2 o’clock. “People tend to settle into the same position behind the wheel, steering with one hand and leaning to the opposite side,” says Reinold. When you’re driving, regularly switch your body position. 
“It might feel awkward, but that’s exactly why you need to do it.”

3/ Wearing Heels
They’re not as high as your wife’s, but the heels on your shoes can impact ankle mobility. “They flex your feet forward, and eventually your ankles lose the ability to bend the other way,” says Reinold. Solution: take your shoes off regularly during the day. “Having your heels on the floor helps restore range of motion,” says Reinold.

4/ Tilting Your Head
“A lot of people tilt their head to one side without realising it,” says Reinold. “They’re usually office workers, and it’s because their computer monitor is slightly angled.” To avoid this, adjust the top of your monitor so it’s at eye level. Then download a level app to your smartphone and use it to make sure your screen is truly horizontal.

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