Score a Hotel Room

by | Nov 21, 2012 | Life

Chain hotels want you to keep coming back to their locations, 
so it’s the front desk’s job to make you as happy as possible. That means upgrading – if you ask nicely.

Learn the lingo

Before you arrive, look up the names of the hotel’s high-end suites. If you ask for the honeymoon suite at a hotel that doesn’t have one, it could backfire. But mention a specific room by name, and odds are better that the front desk will come through.

Be specific

Instead of simply asking for a “better” room, say what you want, like a pool view. This simplifies the receptionist’s search. If you fail, try again later in the day. By 5pm, the hotel should know whether there are any great rooms 
to spare.

Make friends

Your chances of an upgrade increase if it’s a birthday or weekend away with your gal. Mention that you want to do everything you can to make 
the visit special.

Point out mistakes

In the Tripadvisor era, hotels want to seem willing to accommodate if they screwed up. If your air con is broken, they’d rather move you to a nicer room than trouble you with spot-treating the problem.

Negotiate options

If there really are no other rooms, ask for a one-night perk, such as free Wi-Fi, breakfast or gym access.

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