Samsung’s New Portable Projector Gives You A Cinema Experience Without Leaving Your Home

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Gear-Tech

The Samsung The Freestyle is a pocket-sized projector that will give you a hi-def cinema experience—on the move. Here’s everything you need to know about the powerful, portable and practical gadget.

What We Think Of Samsung The Freestyle

Most projectors are hulking behemoths that aren’t just a pain to set up, but carry price tags that put most top-tier televisions to shame. It’s why these high-beam cinema experiences have taken a backseat to the new fleet of affordable LED TVs that’ve flooded the market.

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But tech giant Samsung isn’t ready to give up on the humble projector. They’re looking now to carve a new niche for an old favourite. The Freestyle aims to address many of the issues that plague its industrial-sized cousins, bundling convenience, affordability and portability into one streamlined, hand-held package.

However, the device faces stiff competition; namely from the similarly priced XGIMI Halo+. While its competitor is capable of delivering higher contrast and better image quality in testing, The Freestyle’s ability to pivot into any position gives it an edge over others. We had a chance to screen the candidates, here’s how the Freestyle fares—by the numbers.

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5 Seriously Impressive Features Of The Freestyle

  1. 550 Led lumens deliver an ultra-bright image that’ll give you a clear view at any time.
  2. 100”: With the right setup, you can net yourself 100 inches of screen real estate. That’s twice the amount you’ll get from a standard LED display.
  3. 180° Design will let you project your screen wherever you want—ceiling included.
  4. 360°Degree sound gives this projector added mileage as an on- the-go speaker. 
  5. 3hrs Maximum battery life you’ll snag when you connect The Freestyle to the optional battery base (sold separately).

Overall, if you’re someone looking for a new TV or find yourself travelling (whether that’s between cities or your lounge and your bedroom), The Freestyle could be a great option for you.

The Freestyle is currently on sale for R11 999 (it regularly retails for R13 999), so get it while it’s available at this price!

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