The Future of Running Clubs

by | May 5, 2016 | Fitness

Regular running burns fat. Simple. Do it right, and it’s like taking a blow torch to the flab around your middle. Even though running has been around for centuries, there are now new ways to get fit, lean and earn your runner’s high.

Forget boring old running clubs and trying to tackling the tarmac on your own, we’ve got 3 new ways to get in shape while saving you time, money (they’re all free), and keeping you safe. And best of all, you’ll get help from experts and running partners along the way. Time to tie your shoelaces and kickstart your running recovery.

Nike Run Club

If you’re based in Joburg, this is urban running at it’s best, as it offers anyone the chance to run safely through the city at night. “When you run with this crowd, there’s a place for everyone” says running coach Peteni Kuzwayo, who is his own self-made success story having previously suffered from Asthma. With the help of NRC he overcame his weight and asthma issues and completed his first Soweto Marathon in 2010. The NRC will help you to track your time no matter what your level is (they have experienced pacers who lead the groups). The NRC provides running advice and proper warm-up and warm-down stretches and lets you test the latest running shoes. The Club creates camaraderie, and helps you to start up a new running routine (and keep to it). For more, visit from more info on the closest one to you and download their app to keep track on your results.

Park Run

This global phenomenon has been around for a while, but it is still one the best ways to get regular runs in, no matter where you are in the world – and for free. What ever your goals, whether it’s gunning for a new PB or to improve your technique, these weekly 5km timed runs are free and open to everyone, young and old. These runs normally take place in beautiful parkland areas which offer not only a decent view, but the chance to meet new and interesting people. Better yet, if you don’t have a parkrun near you, you can always contact the team and set one up in your area, leaving you no excuse not to be actively healthy. They also record all your times and let you access them via their website. Visit for more.


Running at night or through certain neighbourhoods can be dangerous, and it shouldn’t be a factor in restricting your running. Hamba Safe is technically not a running club, but it is a smart, locally created app that is being developed to help make running safer for everyone by allowing them to connect and run in groups. They recently held a Hackathon to help develop the app and get it ready for uploading to various app stores. Not just for runners, this can also be applied to people that want to hike or catch public transport. For more on this and the date of expected release, visit



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