Round Faced People Drive a Harder Bargain

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Life

Looking to negotiate a pay rise? Turns out the shape of your face may have an effect the odds of you being a master negotiator, at least according to one study published in the journal The Leadership Quarterly.

The study found that people with rounder faces are less likely to compromise, which can ensure a better deal when circumstances demand a strong stance.

The study made use of four scenarios. In the first scenario men with different shaped faces needed to negotiate a salary. In the second scenario they played the role of a buyer. In both of these scenarios the round faced men fared better, but in the last two scenarios where,  “they needed to come up with a creative solution to bridge a gap on a real estate transaction. The researchers found that the more attractive men were more successful in the negotiation,” according to the report.

“These studies show that being a man with a wider face can be both a blessing and a curse and awareness of this may be important for future business success,” said co-author Michael P. Haselhuhn.

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