Results Are The Only Motivation You Need #TeamWerner Week 3

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Fitness

Nothing motivates better than physical, tangible results. Just when you think all your effort and hours of pain spent during lunchtimes is you just going a little overboard with the whole ‘Men’s Health Challenge’ thing, you start seeing the change. Your traps start popping, your veins surface and your body suddenly starts looking like those of the admirable buff guys at gym. Now, there’s definitely no way I’m stopping.

The last 3 weeks have been an incredible introduction journey. Meeting my fitness family at BUC Fitness Club and my trainer Wiehann van Wyk, all people that I’ve been spending every day with, have each proved to be extremely valuable with their generous motivation and interest. I’m proud to say that this place and these people are fast becoming a part of my DNA. The right fitness environment does makes a big difference, make sure you feel at home.

My diet is still based on a general bulking diet. It is extremely simple to follow as well, which makes it easier to be consistent.

• Oats, 5 Eggs (only one with yolk) & Whey Protein in the morning

• Thereafter, a handful of Jasmine rice, some veg and 1 Chicken breast every 2-3 hours

• Post Workout – this consists of a Whey shake and 80g of Pineapple

• Evening 2nd last meal can include red meat and sweet potato instead of chicken & rice

• Casein Protein shake just before bed

My training routine is still the same as my 1st week, but one thing that I have learned from Wiehann is to do what he calls ‘Improv-Training’. He suggests that you follow your routines as best you can, but because optimal training has a huge mental aspect to it, when you don’t ‘vibe’ the exercise you are busy doing that day, swop it, superset it, do something you have never tried before. To me this makes a huge difference! It keeps my mind guessing, allowing for loads of variation and stops me from settling for a half-arsed gym set. Just make sure you still challenge yourself and not just look for an easy way out of those Rear Delt Flys.

One more thing, asking ‘how’ or ‘what’ is the only way to learn this stuff. So ask.

Give me a shout on Intagram or Twitter – @wernerviln – Men’s Health, BUC &  Wiehann are at your fingertips.

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