Reebok Put the Nano X4 Trainers to the Ultimate Test—Here’s How They Measure Up

by | Mar 26, 2024 | Gear-Tech

The Reebok Nano X4 training shoes are a versatile pair. Light, breathable and comfortable, they’re engineered to let you flow through your workouts at any intensity. They provide support and instant feedback whether you’re putting in a challenging sesh in the rower or thundering through a set of quick-fire squats. In other words, there’s a reason they’ve been dubbed the “Official Shoe of Fitness”. 

On Thursday, March 14, Reebok put the Nano X4’s impressive credentials on display at Paul Roos Gymnasium (PRG) in Stellenbosch. They invited top trainers, fitness influencers, Reebok Unlocked members, media and athletes from the legendary sporting school to put the shoes through their paces as part of an exclusive workout activation event at PRG’s decked-out High Performance Centre. 

Reebok has partnered with Paul Roos Gymnasium as an official supporting sponsor of the centre and the school’s Performance Development Programme. 

Power Hour

A participant is rowing under the guidance of Motley Crew’s Tyron Hatch.

Warm weather and cloudless skies greeted attendees as they filed into the centre at Paul Roos Gymnasium. Inside these veritable “halls of iron”, Tyron Hatch and his team at Motley Crew CrossFit had assembled a gauntlet of rowers, assault bikes, weights and kettlebells. As attendees slipped on their brand-new Nano X4 trainers, the message was clear: shoe and sweat-seeker alike would be put to the ultimate test.

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After a quick warm-up, participants were randomly assigned to one of seven teams and then put to work. Their orders were simple, move from one station to the next tackling (or surviving, in some cases) each exercise for a minute before progressing along to the next stage of the circuit. The sweat session sparked into life with a sudden swell of fast-paced EDM tracks served up liberally by DJ Tarzan on the decks.

With a range of challenging exercises to tackle – from rowers and assault bikes to goblet squats and medicine ball slams – the workout activation showcased the full capabilities of the Reebok Nano X4 trainers. And, yes, these shoes have some serious capabilities.

The Official Shoe of Fitness

man wearing new reebok nano x4
The Reebok training shoes are crafted with enhanced stability and support, without excess design features that add weight.

The Lift and Run Chassis internal midsole plate technology, which adapts to your workout by expanding to a dome shape for cushioning when running and flattening for stability while lifting, gives you the flexibility to swap from sprints to squats on the fly. The upper is weaved with Reebok’s flexible, resilient, lightweight and breathable Flexweave® material for next-level comfort from first rep to final push.

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Tyron Hatch of Motley Crew CrossFit says Reebok has managed to squeeze in reliable stability without sacrificing comfort. The result? “When you’re squatting or lifting, all the things you get up to in the gym, you feel way more secure on your landing,” he adds.

The Final Push

attendees doing running workout in reebok nano x4
Moving from one workout station to the next, attendees had to dig deep to squeeze in as many reps as possible.

Throughout the workout there was a sense of solidarity as teams sweated side by side, egging each other on to notch as many reps as possible. The workout culminated in a symphony of cheers, sighs of relief and enthusiastic fistbumps. The circuit was gruelling. However, the Nano X4 trainers had proven to be the perfect wingman providing comfort, stability and flexibility from the first station until the last. The Nano X4 didn’t just pass the ultimate test, it aced it.

Ready to step up your game with the Official Shoe of Fitness? The Nano X4 launched in South Africa on 12 February 2024, and is available on and in-store at Reebok Canal Walk. 

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