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by | Oct 18, 2017 | Gear-Tech

The Dining Revolutionary:

How it works:
Restaurants that have bought into Zapper will print you a bill containing a unique QR code. As soon 
as you scan the QR code, payment is made and your receipt is emailed to you.

Approved: Zapper allows you to split the bill, which is handy. Being able to scan and pay as you see the slip means you also don’t have to wait on the card machine.

Denied: It’s still low-key, which means that while you may be able to pay for your craft beer in Sandton, you’re unlikely to Zap for your cutlets in the Karoo.


The Slick Swiper:

How it works:
Download the app. Enter your credit or debit card digits and you’re good to go. When purchasing an item, point your camera at the QR code and the payment will be made, reflecting on your account and the store’s system.

Approved: FlickPay includes a nifty “merchant finder” feature, which helps you locate stores 
near you that accept FlickPay transactions.

Denied:  Having only launched in the middle of this year, FlickPay is limited to Vida e Caffè branches and a few food stores – for now.

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The Trailblazer:

How it works:
Download, register and add your details. When a QR code appears, simply scan and pay.

Approved: SnapScan 
is one of the pioneers of digital payment 
in South Africa and, 
after winning the MTN
App of the Year Award, it was picked up by
Standard Bank, which means there’s big money behind it. SnapScan claims that more than 10 000 stores across South Africa accept the app as a payment method.

Denied: It doesn’t 
allow you to leave 
a generous tip (or a good impression) with that pretty waitress.

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The Game-Changer:

How it works:
PowaTag sets itself apart by allowing you to buy products wherever you see them, not only when you’re in a store. It gives new meaning to window shopping, allowing you to scan the QR code through 
a shop window, on your computer screen or in a magazine.

Approved: It stores your delivery details.

Denied: Maybe a bit ahead of its time. Although it’s great to be able to scan QR codes and purchase instantly, retailers still have to catch up and make sure their QR codes are available.

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The Online Extraordinaire:

How it works:
Masterpass is essentially a digital wallet provided by MasterCard. Once you’ve registered 
your details, just click on the MasterPass button whenever you make an online purchase and, voila, payment is instant.

Approved: Master-Pass makes online shopping speedier because it has your delivery and payment options safely stored.

Denied: Because it’s focused on online shopping, it’s not going to make paying for your coffee any easier – you’ll need a separate app for that.

By Aki Anastasiou

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