Pavlok, The Personal Coach That’s On Your Wrist

by | Aug 6, 2014 | Gear-Tech

Pavlok is a fitness wristband monitor and smartphone app that tracks your daily performance and encourages the user to keep fitness levels up as well as pushing them towards workout goals. This fitness band does not just track you’re your daily workouts but it is there to transform who you are.

You start of by picking an action. Either you want to wake up earlier, be more productive, exercise everyday or learn a new language. The possibilities are endless. You can also join a team of friends or find a partner doing the same activities if your will power is weak. This way you wont have to go it alone. Social support and pressure will be there to motivate you when you come across a bump in the road either by helping or punishing you. Pavlok then will break down your chosen activity into easy, manageable chunks of action and push you to keep to the goals daily so it becomes a lasting habit.

How it works is by rewarding you when you succeed and actually makes you face penalties when you fail. Rewards are in the form of prizes and even money when completing a daily task. Failure comes at a cost of money, your phone and even an electric shock at the hands of your friends.

Pavlok features activity/sleep tracking, real-time haptic feedback, human detection, low energy Bluetooth 4.0 and a shock circuit. Pavlok is only due to be released and shipped to customers in 2015 but are unleashing a limited number of prototypes to interested users. So go onto their site and preorder now to get your hands on the Pavlok and start your transformation. Mintel Oxygen sees this product as becoming a big trend as an example of the rise of wearable devices designed to help people manage and improve their health and fitness.

Being consistent at something is key to transforming it into a habit.

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