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by | Jun 29, 2016 | Fitness

During almost every workout I find myself counting down the reps, time remaining or calories to be completed, until I know I’m halfway through the set, almost in the clear. Well, with week 7 almost in the bag, it means that we are just over halfway with the MH Staff Challenge. 6 more weeks to go. Halfway there.

This is the summit point for the haphazard first weeks of training. Here on, form, diet and importantly, motivation is imperative to the results we are looking to achieve.

Motivation. What motivates a person to be up while it’s still dark outside, in the gym? Or to leave the gym that very same evening, when it’s dark?

Is it the competitive edge that has been flying around the office with the MH staff, or is it something more pure, a motivation of oneself to achieve the unthinkable. To become a better, stronger version of yourself.

Motivation. I am not the strongest athlete in the box, nor will I ever be, but I do push and pull to achieve results that I alone am proud of. This motivates me. My trainers motivate me, daily. They offer advice, jeer & cheer with all accomplishments. Motivation. It comes from the deep dark place buried in your soul, to achieve what you have set out for yourself.

Find motivation in all areas of your life, not just with exercise. Work, relationships & friendships. Motivate yourself to build on all of those pillars in life. It’s worth it.

Have a look at the training schedule for this week, I will need to stay motivated to conquer this:



Training Schedule:


Part A
10-15 minute warmup
10-15 min cool down


Part A


3 sets – max reps at Bodyweight

Max unbroken double unders
Rest 2 mins between sets

2 sets – max reps at 75% Bodyweight

Max unbroken double unders

Rest 1 min between sets

1 sets – max reps at 50% Bodyweight

Max unbroken double unders

* all sets, max 15 reps

 Part B


30 seconds work

30 second rest

Until you get 1000M/750M

Rest 5 mins

Assault bike

30 seconds work

30 seconds rest

Until you get 75/50 calories



Part A


Min 1 – 6 around the world hanging on bar

Min 2 – handstand walk 15M or 2 wall climbers

Min 3 – 6 ring roll out

Min 4 – 3/3 commando pullups

Part B

10 rounds for time

6 burpee ball slams

50M sprint

Part C

Mobility work – 10 minutes


Part A

Complete this complex every 3 mins

1 power clean

2 front squat

3 thrusters

2 front squat

1 power clean

Part B

Max distance sled drag at Bodyweight in 4 mins

Max push-ups in 3 mins

Max lunges hugging weight plate in 2 mins

Max burpees in 1 minute


Part A

“Push press Lynne”

5 rounds, not for time

Max push press @ 75% BW

Max strict ring row (feet on box or bench)

Movement prep for power snatch

Part B

16 min AMRAP WITH PARTNER, alternate full round

3 hang power snatch (KB swing)

6 box jump over

9 toes to bar


Part A


 Part B

Double alternating Tabata:

Tyre flips

Burpee tyre jumps

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