Manners Maketh Man

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Life

Don’t get stuck in a social quandry, use our tips on how to kiss the right cheek, reclaim the party and mind your p’s and thank-yous…

Reclaim the party

It’s a social nightmare – you’re stuck in a crowd with one guy hogging the spotlight. Outsmart the narcissist by redirecting the talk. “Throw the conversation to another person with a question or comment that acknowledges that someone else can add to the exchange,” says Peter Post, author of Essential Manners for Men. “Turn toward the person so you shift your focus – and everyone else’s –to the other person.” If the gabber still doesn’t take the hint, excuse yourself from the conversation to grab another drink or catch up with a friend.

Hands and cheeks

When shaking a woman’s hand, extend yours before she does, meet her eyes, and wrap your hand lightly around hers – not just her fingers. “Give a small, firm squeeze,” Leonard says. You can kiss her cheek if you’ve already been introduced socially and have established a rapport.

Mind your P’s and Thank-You’s

The hardest part about sending a thank-you note is simply remembering to do it. So commit beforehand. “Take an envelope, put an empty card in it, add the address and put on the postage stamp so all you have to do is write the note when you arrive home later,” says Melissa Leonard, an etiquette expert at When you see the card, you’ll feel the urge to write it, she says.

Percentage of men who can’t remember the last time they wrote a thank-you note

1 in 12
Number of men who’ve been chastised by Internet “cops” for rude online comments

1 in 10
Number who’ve ever accidentally called a female police officer “sir”

Percentage of men who’ve crashed a party

Percentage who ever left one without saying goodbye to the host

Percentage of men who will hold the door open for a woman

Percentage who won’t hold an elevator for another guy

Percentage of men who always try to bring their best table manners to a dinner date

Percentage who are freaked out if a waiter places their napkin on their lap

3 in 4
Number of men who know to use their utensils from the outside in

3 in 5
Number who make sure their spoons and forks don’t touch the table after being used

Percentage of men who stand when being introduced to someone

3 in 5
Number who still aren’t sure how to shake a woman’s hand

1 in 2
Number of men who’ve referred to a woman over age 18 as Miss, not Ms.

Percentage of men who reset gym weight machines to the lowest settings after using them

Percentage who’ve “forgotten” to wipe down equipment because lurking gym rats
irked them

Percentage of golfers who’ve walked across an opponent’s line on the green

Percentage who can’t remember the last time they received one

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