Male VS. Female Orgasm: Who Wins?

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Sex & Love

It’s common knowledge that men and women have physiological differences when it comes to genitals and their functions, but according to science, orgasms are fundamentally very similar. In a college study in the US, participants were asked to explain an orgasm and pick 3 words that they felt explained the feelings they got when having an orgasm. The results were very similar but what varied was the types of orgasms felt by females.

The female orgasm lasts longer than the male, ranging about 20 seconds compared to 3 to 10 seconds, but men do experience more orgasms on average.

Interestingly, brain activity during orgasms has been found by scans to be remarkably similar for men and women, despite the fact that patterns during arousal are typically different between the sexes.

In addition, men and women both release the tiredness and sleep hormone prolactin after orgasm, and both do so four times as much after sex with a partner than with masturbation.

As for the strength of the orgasm, this differs on an individual level – the best way to increase this is to get to know your own body, needs and emotions.

More importantly, studies suggest orgasms vary on the type of sex you’re having.

Take a look at the study below:

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