Is Snoddie Cover Guy Material?

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Life

Is Snoddie Cover Guy material?

The internet seems to think so…

Comedian, Paul Snodgrass, entered the Men’s Health Cover Guy Search as a joke. What happend next, scared us.

In the same way that an Essex rock fan’s Facebook group usurped Simon Cowells’s usually predictable X-Factor winner from the UK’s Christmas no 1 slot, Snoddie’s #RealMenHaveCurves twitter campaign went viral.

Snoddie’s photos, which you can unfortunately no longer vote for (but can still post to your Facebook wall!), include him half-naked in a pool, sauna and in bed. This resulted in thousands of votes for his campaign and his poor mum phoning him, very disappointed in him actually, asking him to remove one of the more risque sauna pics.

Fortunately, Snoddie obliged.

Will Snoddie be the first man with curves to grace page one of Men’s Health?

Well, you’ll just have to wait for the votes to come in.

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