Introducing “Netflix and Chill” Condoms

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Sex & Love

So we’ve all heard about the hit streaming media company, Netflix that has taken over from many television broadcasters as they offer on-demand streaming of series, movies etc.

Heard of, “Netflix and chill”? Well in the good old days; it meant just that as the phrase was innuendo-free, but then it became a euphemism.

In case you’ve missed it, “Netflix and chill” doesn’t actually mean spending a night on the couch flipping through your movie queue. You must’ve seen the viral memes or vines poking fun at the slogan.

With the phrase becoming a 21st-century version of “Do you want to come up for some coffee?” Leave it up to Urban Dictionary to come up with a rather interesting definition: “Code for two people going to each other’s houses and doing the deed or doing other sexual related acts.”

However now it is code for booty call and now every Millennials favourite euphemism is going a step further. Introducing” Netflix and chill” condoms. A clearly-labelled pack of rubbers to get your point across, in case the sexual intentions of the phrase itself weren’t obvious enough…

The streaming company did not create the condom but an UT( University of Texas) alumnus Yousef Okasheh started an online company which sells sets of three FDA-approved condoms packaged wrappers “Netflix and chill” written on it.

Now you might think its only men using this phrase on women, but you’ll be surprised to learn that women are propositioning men on Tinder and Twitter with this pickup line too.

This definitely marks the end of the meme which sees the full corporate appropriation of the phrase. Would be you walking around with “Netflix and chill” condoms or are you a more subtle gentleman?

Sources: The Guardian

Alice Paulse

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