Install Pull-up Rings

by | Nov 21, 2012 | Life

This set-up has a unique advantage over a pull-up bar: because your hands aren’t in 
a fixed position, rings allow for natural, pain-free movement throughout the exercise. Plus, you can do your reps in the great outdoors


• two tow straps
• two full-strength carabiners
• two 10cm lengths of PVC pipe 
 (3.8cm diameter)
• athletic tape
• two 30cm chains

Find sturdy support

Look around the backyard for a tree with a thick branch that can safely support your body weight. The branch doesn’t have to be parallel to the ground, but it should clear the ground by just over four metres.

How to make it

Fling the tow straps over the branch and then wrap them around the branch as needed so the ends of the tow straps hang evenly. They should stop about 30cm higher than you can reach.

Hook a carabiner through the end of each tow strap.

Wrap the PVC pipes in athletic tape. To make each handle, thread a chain through the pipe and hook the ends of the chain onto the carabiner.

The handles should be as high as you can reach. If they’re too high or too low, readjust the number of times you loop the tow strap around the branch.

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