I Have Trouble Ejaculating When I Have Sex. What Goes?

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Health

Q: I have trouble ejaculating when having sex with girls. I enjoy it but I take too long then start feeling awkward and embarrassed and want to stop. Am I just bad at sex? What could be the problem?

Having trouble ejaculating is usually due to psychosocial factors (religious, cultural, parental taboos), according to Dr. Kok.

“It could be a fear of impregnating a woman, feelings of guilt about having sex, fear of letting go (orgasm) or losing control. You also may just be inexperienced at sex and be guilty of “spectatoring”.

The more you focus on trying to reach orgasm and satisfy your partner, the less you are in the moment. This can cause your arousal levels to dwindle.”

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