Sneakers to the Suit: Mastering the Casual Menswear Trend

by | Jul 6, 2023 | Style

Gone are the days when sneakers were solely reserved for athletic pursuits or casual outings. In recent years, a new menswear trend has emerged that seamlessly blends the worlds of formal and casual attire: pairing sneakers with a suit. This fashion-forward combination has gained popularity among style-conscious individuals who seek a comfortable and contemporary twist on traditional menswear. Here, we will explore the art of wearing sneakers with a suit, offering valuable tips and insights to help you master this casual menswear trend with confidence.

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Choosing the Fit

Sneakers to the Suit: Mastering the Casual Menswear Trend
Milan Fashion Week

When embracing the sneakers-to-suit trend, it’s essential to select the right suit that complements the casual aesthetic. Opt for suits in lighter fabrics, such as cotton or linen blends, as they tend to have a more relaxed appearance. Unstructured blazers or jackets with minimal padding work exceptionally well, as they offer a more laid-back silhouette. Neutral colours like navy, grey, or earth tones are versatile and provide an excellent canvas for your sneaker choice.

Selecting the Ideal Sneakers

Sneakers to the Suit: Mastering the Casual Menswear Trend
New Balance Sneakers
Sneakers to the Suit: Mastering the Casual Menswear Trend
adidas sambas

The key to pulling off this trend successfully lies in selecting the perfect pair of sneakers. Aim for sneakers that strike a balance between casual and refined, preferably in a low-top or minimalist design. Classic styles like white leather sneakers, suede trainers, or minimalist canvas shoes work effortlessly with a suit. Steer clear off overly flashy or heavily branded sneakers, as they may clash with the overall look.

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Pay Attention to Proportions

Sneakers to the Suit: Mastering the Casual Menswear Trend

Achieving a harmonious balance between your suit and sneakers is crucial. Pay attention to proportions to ensure that both elements complement each other. If you’re wearing a slim-fit suit, opt for sleek and streamlined sneakers that won’t overpower the ensemble. On the other hand, if your suit has a more relaxed or loose-fitting silhouette, you can experiment with chunkier or more substantial sneaker styles. The goal is to strike a cohesive aesthetic that exudes effortlessness.

Coordination and Colour Matching

Sneakers to the Suit: Mastering the Casual Menswear Trend
ASAP Rocky at the Dior Show

Coordinate the colour scheme of your suit and sneakers to create a cohesive and stylish look. For a foolproof approach, choose sneakers that match or complement the colour of your suit. For example, a navy suit pairs well with white or navy sneakers, while a grey suit can be enhanced with grey or off-white sneakers. Alternatively, you can opt for contrasting colours to create a bolder statement. Just ensure that the contrast doesn’t appear to jarring or clash with the overall outfit.

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Attention to Detail

Sneakers to the Suit: Mastering the Casual Menswear Trend

To elevate your sneakers-to-suit ensemble, pay attention to the finer details. Consider the socks you wear – opt for no-show or ankle-length socks to maintain a streamlined look. AccessoriSe with a well-matched belt, pocket square, or a minimalist watch to complete the outfit. The key is to strike a careful balance between casual and formal elements, demonstrating your attention to detail and personal style.

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The sneakers-to-suit trend has revolutionised menswear by introducing a refreshing blend of casual and formal aesthetics. By selecting the right suit, pairing it with appropriate sneakers, paying attention to proportions, coordinating colours, and attending to details, you can effortlessly pull off this fashion-forward style. Embrace the versatility and comfort offered by this trend, and make a statement with your sartorial choices. Remember, confidence is the key to owning any fashion trend, so wear your suit with sneakers proudly and embrace this stylish and contemporary menswear trend

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