How To Swear

by | Apr 7, 2013 | Life

Well-placed profanities can hammer home your point and keep your crowd in stitches, according to X-rated comedienne and self professed “Queen of Mean” Lisa Lampanelli

Swear smart

Don’t talk dirty at work or in the sack if there’s 
a chance your words will backfire. Stick 
to the funny foul-mouthed act with 
your friends – not the boss or a date.

Parse out your words

If every other word is a curse, people will tune you out. The best swear words arise from natural situations, so let the lewd language come to you. Wait until someone pisses you off – then draw from your word bank when you’re in the moment.

Set anger free

Some oke cut you off 
in traffic earlier today? Use it as fuel. Let your residual anger be the engine that fuels your humour later. Anger helps grab attention and add emphasis.

Create killer 

The more ridiculous the pairings (“douche nut”, “ass wank”), the more they’ll draw attention. Your words will shock your mate enough to know he’s done something so lame brained that you had to spawn a brand new expression.

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