How To Spin A Pen In Your Fingers

by | May 7, 2013 | Life

Be the main distraction at your next staff meeting with this dizzyingly slick around-the-thumb manoeuvre

1. Find your balance

A perfect pen flip 
is all about balance. Pen tips tend to weigh more, so place the cap on 
the back of the pen to even out the weight distribution.

2. Form a launch pad

Make a peace sign with the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand, about two centi-
metres from finger-
tip to fingertip. Then fold down your ring finger and pinkie to keep them out of the way. Let your thumb rest naturally.

3. Centre it

With your palm facing up, place the pen’s centre of balance on the tip of your middle finger and let the rest of the pen fall onto the tip of your index finger. Place your thumb on the opposite side of the pen and grip lightly. Your thumb should be roughly between your middle and index fingers.

4. Snap forward

Your goal is to spin the pen counter-clockwise around your thumb and then catch it where it started. To launch the move, mimic snapping your fingers – just flick your middle finger past your thumb while keeping your index finger and thumb still. The motion should sling the pen all the way around your thumb – well, after about 85 attempts.*

5. Bring it back

The catch is all about timing. After one revolution, the pen will land between your thumb and index finger. Clamp down with your index finger to stop the pen. Repeat steps one through five until your meeting is over.

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