How To Read Her Body Language

by | May 26, 2013 | Sex & Love

Find out what she’s really thinking with help from Tonya Reiman, author of The Body Language of Dating (R167,

1. You think the girl at the bar is interested in you
Do this Glance at her feet. People subconsciously move toward their desires. Her upper body might not be turned toward you, but if her feet are pointed at you, she’s subconsciously positioned herself in your direction.

2. It looks like she wants to kiss you, but you’re not sure
Do this Take a look at her lips. She’ll touch and lick them more than usual. And, if she’s into you, it’s perfectly okay to stare – just make sure you’re staring at her eyes, not just her lips.

3. She says she’s 
not ANGRY, but you Suspect otherwise
Do this Watch her jaw line. She’ll instinctively close her mouth and tighten her jaw when she’s angry. If she’s perfected her poker face, check her hands. If she’s clutching her knuckles or something else, let her cool off.

4. You’re not sure she likes the gift you bought her
Do this Look where she puts the goods. If she really likes the gift, she’ll spend time with it. If she removes it from sight, don’t act apologetic. Mention why you bought it for her, which will emphasise your thoughtfulness.

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