How To Quench A Thirst

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Life

Just reading about all this flavourful food can bring on a thirst, so how about a nice cold Michelada?

In Mexico City, this drink consists of fresh lime juice, a pinch of black pepper, tomato juice, assorted spices and the three amigos of sauces: Tabasco, Worcestershire and soy – all in a tall glass.

To this tasty mash-up, add ice and beer. ¡Salud!

But if this authentic taste is a little too strong for us, try this South African version: get yourself a tall beer glass, and then after wetting the rim slightly, add some coarse salt onto the rim.

Then add the juice of one lime, top up with ice, and then fill with a Mexican-styled beer (Corona, Sol or the local Naked Mexican).

If you want to know more about the Naked Mexican craft beer (made by chief brewer Chris Barnard) check out (021 511 4179). Get 24 340ml Naked Mexican beers for R240 (excluding delivery).

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