How To Pop An Ollie

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Life

Kent Lingeveldt, South African pro skater and owner of award-winning Alpha Longboards, reveals his board-flipping technique

Get low
Divide your deck into three sections and place your front foot perpendicular to the board in-between the first and second section. With 
knees bent, place your back foot 
on the board’s tail.

Snap the tail
Push down on your tail to pop the board upwards. Don’t hold it down too long, or else you won’t get any air. Slide your front foot towards the nose to level the board. The harder the tail snap and the higher you jump, the bigger your ollie will be.

Brace for landing
While airborne, keep your legs light and loose. Move your body forward with your foot. Bend your knees to cushion the impact. Land with your board levelled out.

Lingeveldt’s starting tip:
Beginners can practise the move standing still on carpet or grass. 
Then, try your driveway or pavement and pop the ollie while moving forward. The momentum will help you clear 
a gap or jump up onto a curb.

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