Use the Navy SEALs’ Tactical Breathing

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Life

Stay ice cool under any kind of pressure with this eight-second technique developed by the men of the Navy Seals

To cope with the adrenalin spikes that can make your hands shaky, SEALs use “tactical breathing”: four seconds in through the nose, four seconds out through the mouth. The deep breaths calm your nervous system and slow your heart rate. By focusing and controlling your breath, you’re dampening your fight or flight survival reactions and retaining control.

Must Do Moves

“To build speed and stamina, do three kinds of intervals every week, both in the water and on land,” says Mike Caviston, director of fitness and the Tactical Athlete Program for the Naval Special Warfare Center, where SEALs are selected.


Run or swim for at least an hour. Go at a steady, relaxed pace that allows you to hold a conversation. This applies to rowing and cycling too.


Run or swim 20 minutes at the fastest pace you can maintain. Once will be enough your first time out, but progress to three 20-minute sessions, with 10 minutes of active recovery in between.


Start out with four 400m runs or four 90m swims. Rest for double the time it took you to do each interval. Progress to eight to 10 intervals.

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