How To Wear Colourful Socks

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Style & Grooming

Add a pop of colour to your style to up your game. Nic Haralambous is the man behind loud and crazy socks, NicSocks. Here he shows us how to peacock.  A pair of crazy socks is a great way to make yourself smile in the morning when you’re getting dressed. But sometimes it can be tricky to mentally justify the craziness in relation to the rest of your wardrobe and outfit for the day.

Here are some quick tips on items that you can wear to match with your fun and colourful socks.


If you have a career that requires you to suit up every day then fear not, you’re well positioned to tip your style towards fashionable and away from boring. There are a few mays to match your tie to your socks. The first is by design. Do your socks have stripes, squares, polka dots or any other interesting design elements visible? If so, you’re in luck. Simply find a tie in your cupboard that has a similar design and rock it. Forget about colour for this one. Match design with design; Polka dot with polka dot, line with line or square with square. Simple. The second option you have with your tie is to match colour for colour. Simple and effective. When you sit down at the boardroom table your tie will flash your stand-out colour and when you get up to leave the room your socks will remind people that you know how to dress. The final way to “match” your tie and your socks is to mismatch them. If you’re wearing a loud pair of socks that screams colour, then do the same with your tie. Wear a loud, crazy and bright tie. No one will care if it’s a mashup of blues, greens, purples or any other colour. They’ll notice you because you chose to be different.

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This is an easy one but it takes a bit of planning. Choose your favourite pair of smart shoes, find a pair of colourful shoelaces and strap in. Getting rid of those boring brown or black shoelaces will make a massive difference to your completed outfit. A flash of colour as you stroll down the corridor at work will do wonders for your image.


Another simple match-up for your crazy loud socks is to wear cufflinks with a similar colour or design. Similar to the tie matching we did above, all you have to do is choose the right colour, a similar design or go absolutely nuts. You’re immediately showing the world you know what you’re doing when you wear a cufflink that screams something other than “boring”.

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Pocket Square

The pocket square is an accessory for the more advanced and perhaps braver man. You’ll need to go out and buy pocket squares that tie in nicely with the socks you’ve already purchased. But if you get this one right you’ll be remembered when you leave the meeting room at work. Don’t be shy, pop that square into your jacket pocket just once and see if anyone compliments you. I’m willing to bet that if you don’t get a compliment, the very next week you’ll see more men rocking a colourful square in the jacket pocket.

Lapel Pin

This is a classic accessory but one that has been forgotten too easily in recent years. A lapel pin can add a great level of detail to your matched up and kitted out look.


The final match-up pair involves no one but yourself. You don’t match your underwear to your socks to look cool. You don’t do it so that other people will ever compliment you (I hope). You match your underwear and your socks because you can. You match your underwear and your socks because you want to. You match your underwear and your socks because it makes you happy in the morning. Go forth and begin matching. It’s time to show the world that you know how to dress and more importantly, that you know who you are and are comfortable with it.

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