How To Face Your Financial Woes

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Life

Money problems never go away easily, but dwelling on them won’t help.

“The thing about financial worry is how pervasive it is in your life,” says McGonigal. “It colours everything and is impossible to turn off.”

Use a quirk of the brain to outflank the fear. “The human brain is surprisingly stupid,” she says. “It has a kind of internal checklist and whenever you make any step towards a goal, it relaxes.” Take advantage of this by setting laser focus on one thing you can do. Even just reviewing your accounts and adding up your debt to fully grasp the problem will help. “Any progress at all will free you up,” she says. “If you start to see yourself as heading down the right road, your determination will rise.”

There are other ways to Knock Fear Out of other situations. Just follow the link.

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