Teach Your Mom To Skype

by | Feb 10, 2012 | Life

1. Bring her on board

You need to show her how easy this is. When you go to visit, rig up a demo using two computers. Skype her from the next room so she can try it out. Tell her you’ll check in with her daily for a week to see how she’s doing.

2. Register

Go to Skype.com and create an account for her. Pick a password she’ll remember – your name is a goodie – and follow the download instructions. Print out the registration receipt with her username and password so she can find it easily if she needs it.

3. Hook her up with a plug-n-play webcam

If her computer has no built-in camera, try the Freetalk Everyman HD (R1 124 www.want-itall.co.za). Skype will automatically recognise the camera once you plug it in.

4. Streamline the process

Place the Skype icon on her desktop, making sure the username and password are saved. Enter your Skype name into her contact list. Now all she has to do is click the green phone by your name to place or answer a call.

5. Remember she’s not online 24-7 like you

Set up times by email or call her on her normal phone to tell her you’d like to Skype. It’s a clunky step you don’t need with your buds, but hey – she’s Skyping!

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