How Much Cologne Should You Use?

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Life

There’s a fine line between smelling good and smelling overpowering

People will like you more if you smell nice—but not too nice. A study from Northwestern University found that people rated faces as more likable if they were accompanied by a pleasant aroma, but only if they were unaware of the smell.

So when putting on cologne, steer clear of using too much.Subtlety is key because you want the person to like you, not your musk, says Alec Beall, a researcher who studies attraction.

Two Spritzes Is Enough

Most guys go overboard when they spray cologne or body spray but you really only need two spritzes of fragrance. Have a long day ahead? Rather than try to blast yourself in the morning so that you last the day, carry a small portable bottle with you and freshen yourself up before you go for those after-work drinks.


Use your two spritzes on the base of the throat and the chest.  The throat allows for a subtle lingering scent for when somebody comes close. and the chest. As a finishing touch you can spritz your chest, but one spray is all that’s required. The scent lasts longer there as it’s not rubbed off so quickly, so don’t go overboard.

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