How A Progression Run Could Help You Set A New PB

by | Oct 21, 2016 | Fitness

To get a better handle on how to pace yourself properly – be it over 5km or 50 – you have to work the numbers. Here’s how.

What Is It?

A running session that starts at a comfortable pace and then speeds up over set intervals. It trains your body and mind for the demands of increasing effort during a race, says Jeff Gaudette, head running coach at It’s also a great way to learn pacing – for instance, the difference five seconds makes per kilometre – and helps you build mental tenacity.

How To Do It

Want to finish a half marathon in under two hours? Try training with this progression run from Gaudette: first, complete a 1.5km warm-up; then run 9km, achieving a faster split 1.5km every time (9:45, 9:35, 9:25, etc.). Finally, cap off your running session with a 1.5km cool down.

Picture courtesy Lucho Vidales/Red Bull Content Pool

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