Hair Off, Wax On

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Style & Grooming

Loosing your hair can be devastating especially at a very young age. Now scientists are reporting that a certain substance from honeybee hives may provide clues into a new development in hair growth therapy.

A study on the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that propolis, a resin-like material that honeybees use in sealing small gaps of their hives, does not just work only as a physical barrier but also contains active compounds that can fight fungal and bacterial invasions. Research has shown that the propolis promotes the growth of certain cells involved in hair growth.

Although the study was tested on mice that had been shaved or waxed bald, it showed that after they received the treatment their fur grew back faster than those that didn’t receive any treatment. The cells involved with hair growth also increased after they received the treatment. Hair loss conditions often result from abnormal inflammation and propolis contains anti-inflammatory compounds, which could be used to treat balding conditions.

Further testing will be needed to see whether beehive material will indeed affect human hair follicles.

Being bald though might be Sexier than you think.

Here are some ways To Stop Hair Loss now.

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