This Is The Full Men’s Health Staff Challenge Eating Plan That Got Them To Lose Fat And Bulk Up

by | May 24, 2016 | Nutrition

This is the plan that our staff members used for their fitness challenge. It’s important to note that everyone on the challenge was looking to bulk up and followed high-intensity training plans.

This plan from Adrian Penzhorn  can be used as a template and adjusted to fit in with your day and your needs. The plan has been developed assuming a few points:

1. You will be training hard, daily, with a mix of pure strength and higher intensity work

2. Your goals are to increase lean mass at a rate of 250-300g per week

3. You currently fall in a weight category between 75-80 kg, or 85-90 kg

4. The programme runs over 12 weeks

If you are not training as much, or not seeking as much in terms of mass gain, then you can drop the portions of carbohydrate rich foods down to half. If you fall outside the above weight categories you can choose the nearest group and adjust your portions according to progress.

Download the full plan here: Mens Health 4 Week Plan

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