Execute a Game-Changing Project

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Life

Develop your idea and then follow 
it through by deploying this 4-step master plan from Ben Casnocha, co-author of The Start-up of You.

Build your network intelligence
Your power is amplified when others help you. Before pitching your boss, consult people you know who have expertise in the area. Listen and then amend the proposal. “Find allies in the organisation who can support you and even become part of your team,” says Casnocha.

Go beyond casual explanation
When you step into the boss’s office you’ll be nervous, so enter with something – a business plan, a PowerPoint presentation, a prototype – anything that can clarify the idea and underline your thoughtfulness about it. If you’re 
turned down, ask why and then tweak.

Start it on the side
Your boss is less likely to green-light an idea that red-lights your usual work. “Frame the project as an ‘experiment’ that you’ll spend an afternoon a week on for, say, three months,” says Casnocha.
“Then re-evaluate it with him or her later.”
After all, this was how Gmail was born.

Live in permanent beta
Regardless of whether or not a project flies or fails, pitch and pitch again. “The most successful entrepreneurs think of themselves as ‘intraprenears”, Casnocha says. So stay agile ,adapt and reinvent your job ever day.” he says.

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