Escape With Your Buds

by | Nov 13, 2015 | Life

Looking to escape the city for a bit and enjoy some time off the grid with your buds, well here is a few tips on how to do exactly that by rounding up your adventurous mates and organising a heart-pounding and snag -free trip.

Save the date

Yes, it does require some planning, so start by picking a date that is suitable for everyone. Email your friends at least six weeks in advance so they have time to clear their diaries. Pick a general focus (like hiking in the Drakensberg or Lions Head), but suggest some options to encourage collaboration.

Give everyone a week, to agree.

Stuff the Itinerary

Create a Google Doc to prepare your budget, plans and transportation, or make use of social media tools such as a private Facebook group; which allows you to share photos of the trip afterwards.

Cash Out

As you plan, ask your friends to chip in on major expenses, such as the hotel and petrol. Create a slush fund and have everyone throw in an equal amount of money to cover miscellaneous costs like food and beer (which is vital for any bro trip).

If there is cash leftover, divvy it up on the way home, or make it the purse for whoever collects the most bug bites, bruises or unread work emails.

Circle the Wagons

On the day, add your buddies to a messaging group. If you’re venturing off the grid, make sure you have some way of alerting emergency services if you need to and agree on a meet-up point in case you split up and the cell phone signal is spotty.

Now it you’ve received all the tips, you’re clear to escape.

– Alice Paulse

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