Don’t Take Winters Off: These Are The 3 Things You Should Do Instead

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Fitness

Skip the old bulk-and-cut mentality; you want to build lean muscle while having fun and not following an unsustainable diet cycle. Here are some options to keep your motivation levels high and couch time low.

Get Into (Or Onto) The Water

It may sound counterintuitive, but the cold start of winter is the perfect time to hit the water. If you’re a triathlete, the indoor gym pools are quieter – you’re almost guaranteed to get your own lane. And if you’re a paddler, kayaker or surfskiier, now’s the time to collect hours on the water.

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Learn A New Physical Skill

Gymnastics or calisthenics are a good bet, as you can do most moves at home. Learn how to handstand walk, work on a planche or perfect your L-sit. They’re rewarding goals with plenty of real-world movement utility. Check out Carl Paoli, Ido Portal or Frank Medrano for guidance.

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 Build Base Bodyweight Strength

It doesn’t require hours, or even a gym membership. Here’s a simple, 10-minute daily plan to kickstart your day:

10 Minute triple threat

3 Minutes: As many push-ups as possible, then take a 20 second break.

3 Minutes: As many squat-jumps as possible (get below 90 degrees), then take a 20 second break.

3 Minutes: Do as many sit-ups as possible

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Take down the combined total, and the total for each section. Your goal is to beat the number every time you do it (you can take a rest day in-between if needed)



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