Digital Devices Are Stressing Your Eyes

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Gear-Tech

With many of us being so heavily reliant on digital devices means we can spend more than five hours a day staring at small screens, which spells bad news for our eyes.

So while the eye is an amazing and complex organ, it is also the only organ in the human body that has to constantly bring its ‘A-Game’.  Out of all the muscles in the body, the muscles that control the eyes are the most active. Small screens displaying a lot of information in small fonts demand the utmost from our already strained eyes. Digital Lenses from Zeiss have been specially designed for optimal, comfortable vision in the digital world. And if you have wrinkles and bags under your eyes, make your Eyes Right with these tips.

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Small Screen, Big Stress

Soon there will be more mobile devices than people in the world. Frequent use therefore leads to noticeable problems: 61% of users complain about fatigue, 45% about dry eyes, just under two-thirds about neck strain and 31% about headache.

Relaxed Vision All Day

Digital lenses are particularly suitable for 30 to 40-year-olds when vision starts to noticeably deteriorate as eyes grow older and adjusting to various distances simply takes more effort. By supporting the work of the ciliary muscle that is responsible for near and distance vision, ZEISS Digital Lenses enable relaxed, comfortable vision all day.

ZEISS Digital Lenses are available from your optometrist. Visit Zeiss for more info.

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