Dave Duarte’s Guide To Self-Promotion

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Life

Dave Duarte is a pretty humble guy. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know how to big-up himself when it counts. Use Dave Duarte’s Guide To Self-Promotion to market yourself and your brand on social media.

Know What To Tweet
Imagine that a poster was made of your opinion, along with your contact details and a picture of you. If you would be happy for this poster to appear all over town, then go ahead and express yourself. Remember, what you put out on the Internet stays around and can be seen by people who you don’t know.

Give Away Free Stuff
You need to give people something of value in return for their attention. Many musicians give songs away to attract more people to concerts, or sell merchandise on their sites. You’ll need to find an approach that you’re comfortable with, but that also makes your followers happy. Remember
that people will often pay a premium to have your content in a format they can’t get online.

Go Public
Keep Facebook for personal connections and use LinkedIn for business contacts. Facebook has a “Subscribe” button that allows you to connect with people you may not know and only receive updates that they mark as ‘public’. You can enable the “Subscribe” button on your own profile, and anyone who requests to be your friend, who you ignore will automatically become subscribed to your public status updates.

Stand Out From The Rest
The brands that succeed in social media are those that use it to get closer to their fans. They are not just broadcasting messages, but are using the channel to learn about their customers – to test ideas, get feedback and improve their brand in the process. This is how people relate to each other, and it’s increasingly expected of brands.

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