CrossFit For Beginners

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Fitness

COACH’S NOTES: “The most important thing I try to teach newbies is to take it easy. Focus on the mechanics first and from there we can up the intensity and weight. We have to learn how to make our 
bodies better over a long period of time so there is no need to go heavy with the weights and hurt yourself.”

Body weight
“Squatting is definitely the key to 
any movement – your own body weight is your best piece of equipment. If squats aren’t your thing, 
a simple move like a push-up also uses your own weight. Or pull your own weight, by doing a pull-up. 
Sometimes the simplest movements are the best. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can then add more 
complex exercises to build up your strength.”

Fitness must fit in 
with your lifestyle
“You don’t want to add extra stress to do something, so make your training easier for yourself. If you’re keen to start something like CrossFit, look for a CrossFit Box that’s close and consider your choice of coach. You want to ask yourself if you like them enough to spend three sessions a week with them? Then look at the quality of the coaching. You want someone who is going to teach you the correct technique before you go balls to the wall; especially if you’ve never trained before, or if you have an injury.”

Eating less and moving more is key
“If you’re carrying extra weight, 
putting in more food is gonna ruin your hard work. Always live in a 
deficit – which means earning a treat. I had my kid’s birthday party and ran the 6km to the venue, then spent 30 minutes lifting and moving the furniture, all for a piece of cake and a glass of wine. Always burn more than you consume.”

The most important things to know about CrossFit

1. How to lift more
First focus on the mechanics and your flexibility. After you’ve nailed those, then begin a two month strength cycle of slowly lifting heavier weights; making the reps less in each set and building up to your one rep max. Always note that strength is the discipline that takes the longest to master – especially if you’re new to it. Within your first month you should be 20% stronger. But remember if you’re strong in certain exercises it’ll take longer to push to your max.

2. Train through 
your stomach
Nutrition is 85% of your performance – if you put water into your V8 supercharged car its going to go nowhere! Your body is the same, it’s not made to take in all the processed foods and sugars we shove into our bodies on a daily basis. Don’t let anyone force you into a diet or meal plan, you’ll only stick it out for a few weeks to a month and then you’re going to freak out. We’re all human so treating yourself to an ice cream, a glass of wine, or any treat you like here and there isn’t going to kill you, it’ll keep you sane.

3. Balance is key 
to the CrossFit games
You need to work on your gymnastics to be competitive. You need to be able to move your body around a lot. Stacks of top athletes are strong and can move large loads long distances, but they can’t do simple bodyweight exercises like handstand push-ups or chest 
to bar pull-ups.


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