Have Sleep Issues, Stress or Pain? Refresh With This Sustainable CBD Drink

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Nutrition

CBD has been touted for its various health benefits such as relieving anxiety, sleep issues, chronic pain and inflammation. The easiest—and most enjoyable—way to tap into these benefits? Sipping on a CBD drink. Here’s why you should try Goodleaf’s range of CBD-infused sparkling beverages:

They’ve Changed Up Their Packaging

As part of their sustainability journey, Goodleaf recently switched from a single-use plastic bottle to an aluminium can. The new 300ml can, as well as all the outer packaging, is 100% recyclable.

Goodleaf’s new packaging is now as green as the source ingredients of their refreshing CBD sparkling drinks. Goodleaf is committed to finding the most environmentally conscious solution at every step of their processes to ensure their products are as good for the planet as they are for you. 

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Your Health Is Their Priority

The only thing better than a drink that’s good for you is packaging that provides true health and wellness. Goodleaf’s big, lofty goal is to make you better, every day. Your well-being is their priority, so they set out to create packaging that is not only environmentally-friendly, but people-friendly, too. Every can is packaged with a completely recyclable foil seal that ensures what you drink is as healthy as it gets. It’s also sugar-free and preservative-free.

They’ve Added More CBD

Refreshment is Goodleaf’s no. 1 priority. So how did they make this sparkling drink even cooler? By adding more of its hero ingredient, naturally. So, while you get an even cooler can in an even more super-chilled six-pack, they didn’t forget the star of the show: CBD. What’s in the can gets a boost from 8mg to 10mg per 300ml. Now that’s some Good Vibes.

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There Are 3 Delicious Flavours

Like to change up what you’re drinking fairly often? You’ll never get bored with these interesting flavours. Take your pick from Berry & Hibiscus, Peach & Geranium and Mango & Ginger.

Berry & Hibiscus CBD Sparkling Drink

Mango & Ginger CBD Sparkling Drink

Peach & Geranium CBD Sparkling Drink

You can find all of their sparkling drinks right here.

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